About Us

I believe that art should be more than something you look at on your phone for a few passing seconds. It should become part of your life, where you can fully appreciate it’s message.

Unlike the phone, where you glance at an image, then quickly forget about it as your newsfeed refreshes, printed pieces become part of your daily life. Each time you pass the artwork, you can study it, discovering subtle nuances, and finding yourself daydreaming into an entirely different world than the one surrounding you (cubicle dwellers, rejoice!).

That’s why I started Art&Edition, an online gallery that helps artists put their work on the walls of collectors who will embrace it. We do that by offering limited edition prints starting at just $25, making it affordable for anyone to begin collecting meaningful art.

When you choose to collect art, your living space transforms into a world of conversation pieces and inspiration. Each piece also directly supports the artist who made it, helping them continue to pursue their passion for making the art you appreciate.

So, welcome to Art&Edition. It’s time to find something you like, become a collector, and start filling your life and living spaces with beautiful and meaningful art.


Rich Seiling